About Seminar

The Seminar aims at providing a forum for the intellectual discourse on the latest business & technology issues and solutions. It seeks networking opportunities for the academicians, researchers, and business & industry practitioners. SWOC analysis, as a strategic balance sheet, helps organization to balance internal and external factors affecting its performance. Strength lies in the efficient mobilization and utilization of resources to avail quality results, while weaknesses may be overcome by optimum usage of available resources and being prepared to face the challenges. Today, political, economic, social and technological forces pose several challenges to the emerging business. At the same time business climate has bestowed tremendous opportunities as well. Effective management can turn weaknesses into strength and challenges into opportunities. Adoption of modern business practices, technological upgradation and excellent teamwork of highly motivated workforce will help organization overcome these challenges.

Objectives :

  1. * Identify and present current research & share knowledge on relevant areas.
  2. * Facilitate international information exchange on various issues pertaining to business & technology.
  3. * Develop arena for network building among managers and researchers.
  4. * Provide platform for future research.

Discussion Themes :

  • * Startup India
  • * Make in India
  • * Digital India
  • * Internet of Things
  • * Cloud Computing
  • * Cybercrime and Cyber Security
  • * Big Data
  • * Forensic Accounting
  • * Environmental Accounting
  • * Smart Economy & Smart Living Environment
  • * Role of IT in Commerce and Management
  • * Green Marketing
  • * Carbon credit Accounting
  • * Workforce Diversity
  • * Multicultural Management
  • * Work Life Balance
  • * E – Governance
  • * Demonetization
  • * Goods and Service Tax

Expected Outcome :

The discussions and deliberations of Seminar will emphasize on the importance of innovations in Business & Technology. It will also emphasize on the dire need of change in managing business processes and technology management to optimize the use of available resources.

Participants (Nature/Categories) :

Principals, Heads of Departments and Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Members from Industry, Research scholars of educational institutions of India and abroad can participate.