Chairman's Message

Dr. Nikhil Zaveri

The corporate world is witnessing a challenging time for managing the business in order to lower costs, improve responsiveness, ensure compliances and pursue best practices, with right technologies and increased customer satisfaction.

Today enterprises are using right technologies to turn opportunities into competitive advantages. The technologies also have broken up the boundary-barrier. Hence, there are immense opportunities lying at every corner of the globe. It depends on the capabilities of the enterprises how to seize these prospects. There are number of examples where small and medium enterprises are thriving due to their e-commerce initiatives capturing new markets across the globe.

Enterprises are practicing new types of e-enabled marketing techniques, redesigning their business management structure, investing funds into on-line tools, setting offices far from customers, etc. They have started tracking and analyzing the customer behavior through web analytics tools which traditional brick-and-mortar business has never dreamt of.

The technologies are helping companies to create a gold mine of business intelligence for expanding the customer base. Enterprises are counting on customer knowledge to bring good cheer to the bottom-line.

The Summit aims at discussing and deliberating various issues relating to opportunities in this borderless business world. Those who attend will definitely gain in terms of understanding E-Biz rules, Techs & Trends, Emerging Business Models, more importantly an opportunity of networking with like minded people and professionals.

Dr. Nikhil Zaveri,

Chairman, Management Conclave 2016