Best Business Idea Competition

DATE: 30 January, 2018 (Tuesday)

TIME: 09:00 AM

Venue: BVM Auditorium

"The concept of entrepreneurship encompasses mindset which is usually taken to involve risk taking in the face of uncertainty, and other attitudes and skills such as boldness, ingenuity,leadership, persistence and determination."

ELECON BBIC provides a unique platform to play with ideas which can be made commercially viable. Students learn to prepare Business Plan and harness on their qualities for becoming successful entrepreneur.

The entire process is so thought provoking that little ignition to mind generates various ideas. Students learn to choose the best alternative among all which is the crux of decision-making. Participation itself ensures becoming future entrepreneur.

We, at SEMCOM take all possible efforts to develop Entrepreneurial Thinking among our students, focusing on what is needed, what is missing and what is changing.

Today in India, there is a tremendous scope for opportunity-driven entrepreneurship due to the upward mobility within the income classes, increase in share of working population, ideological shift from savings to spending, and changing consumer lifestyles.