DATE: 29 January, 2018 (Monday)

TIME: 12:00 Noon Onwards

Venue: BVM Auditorium

SEMCOM stands for innovation and creativity. Of the variety of events in SEMCOM, Novellous — The Ad Making Show is unique in itself. The pioneer of this concept is our very own principal Dr. NIKHIL ZAVERI SIR who inaugurated this event 11 years back. NOVELLOUS means unique and was quoted as "Think beyond the Obvious".

Our Institution has been organizing AD–Making Contest since last four years. In the initial two years at the contest, students were required to prepare TV Commercials on any one social issues selected by them. In order to prepare creative TV commercials and to acquaint them with the world of advertising, students have undergone rigorous trainings, workshops and sessions conducted by experts like Mr. Pranav Jani – (Programming head, Radio city Ahmedabad),Mr. Kamal Joshi- (Ex Director of European union), Prof. Subhash Tendle (MICA , Ahmedabad), Prof. Rajan Nair. ( MICA, Mumbai), Mr.Sanjoi Chakroborty (Creative Head, Triton Communications) who have imparted knowledge regarding the technicalities of making an AD, how to think out of the box and present it in the most creative manner.

Last year the theme of the event was based on "COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS" under which participants were required to prepare ads on Commercial products/services. Over 320 students paticipate, the second workshop organized in December and 20 teams were called in for Finale. Dr. Darshana Dave (Professor, GHIPBM), Mr. Ashish Kakkad (Film Producer), and Mr. Sanjoi Chakraborty (Vice President, Triton Communications) were invited as Jury Members for the competition.